Our company has determined, signed and published our quality policy by our senior management, which states and guides the goals of our company, aims at continuous improvement and states its commitment in this regard. This policy has been conveyed to all of our employees through the training provided, and they have been made to understand and comprehend. It has been ensured that our goals and commitments are always seen for our employees, customers and suppliers by hanging in visible places in our company.

     Our quality policy is reviewed every year for its suitability, effectiveness, and whether it is an indicator of our goals and objectives. Our quality policy is a controlled document.

     Our aim is to make our company an internationally competitive organization that can produce competitive services in terms of quality, price and efficiency, prioritize customer satisfaction and constantly evolve.

  • In our company, each staff member is defined as the customer of the previous process. Every staff member is primarily responsible for quality and our aim is not to solve problems but to prevent and eliminate them at the source.
  • We will disseminate training activities for all personnel, we will encourage them by constantly supporting them and ensuring that they participate in quality improvement-development activities.
  • Since our goal is unconditional customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, we will never be satisfied with our work and always seek the best and flawlessly.


Quality Goals

     Our company senior management has ensured that our quality targets are established in all departments of our company, depending on our quality policy. Our quality targets are defined in a measurable way to show the current and targeted situation. Continuous improvement of our quality management system, product conformity and customer satisfaction has been taken into account as the main goal of our goals.

Planning the quality management system

     After the determination, the resources needed to achieve these goals were defined, put into the budget, and the necessary responsibilities were given and the planning was made. These plans and their results are documented.